<3 A Mini Wristlet <3

I made the cutest wristlet ever today! And I thought that you guys might love to see it and try it for yourself (if you know how to sew!!!).


The link for the blog that I got the tutorial from is right here. The tutorial is really super easy to follow! I used hot pink, and black and white hounds-tooth for my fabric, but on her’s, she used tons of fun, bright-colored fabric! Have fun guys!!!


My First Post!

Ok so for my first post, I have an outfit that I just love! Image

I’m wearing my glasses, a shirt from H&M, a cami from Areo, a comfy pair of jeans that are my fav, and a pair of brown sandals that are super casual! And my makeup is very casual! And my hair is my natural hair, with a little bit of hairspray, and scrunching gel. 

Tonight, my church is having a music night and I normally don’t dress this nice, but since I’m bored, I decided to dress up a little bit.