Sold (A Book)


Today I went to the library for the millionth time in search of a book from the Pretty Little Liars series. But while I was searching the shelves, I found a book that my friend, Molly, had recommended time a while back.

I read this book in a few hours a few days ago. It was such a sad book, but I’m recommending this to any girl because it really opens your eyes to what happens over in other countries that are poor. If anybody else who has read this, please comment on how amazing it was! (If you thought it was amazing.)


<3 A Mini Wristlet <3

I made the cutest wristlet ever today! And I thought that you guys might love to see it and try it for yourself (if you know how to sew!!!).


The link for the blog that I got the tutorial from is right here. The tutorial is really super easy to follow! I used hot pink, and black and white hounds-tooth for my fabric, but on her’s, she used tons of fun, bright-colored fabric! Have fun guys!!!


Glitter is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world! So I found the most amazing thing while I was surfing Pinterest! How to glitterize everything without it falling off! (here’s the link!)  

I followed the same tutorial except I made my own modge podge because I’m super cheap, but it works the same! Here are some pictures that I took while I was glitterizing tons of stuff!

Image(Top left: all of the stuff I used to glitterize. Bottom left: modge podge on my cover thing. Top right: glitter on my cover thing. It’s better to take the lid off and use your fingers. Bottom right: the jar I glitterized for my make-up brushes.)


(Top: my iPhone charger! I put tape over my prong things and where the USB plugs in. And at the bottom, is everything that I glitterized.) 

Have fun everyone! And the glitter was really cheap at Wal-Mart. 

Flower Nails



First you paint your nails a base color (I painted mine black). Then choose a color a color for the center of the flower, and paint dots on your nails (I chose blue). Then finally, pick a color for the petals, and paint dots on your nails with that color (and for that I chose a pinkish-orange). Put a top coat on and you’re finished! Easy and cute! 




The Pledge of Allegiance: What it Really Means

In the spirit of America today, I thought I would share with you the real meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. I learned this a while ago (when I was in 3rd grade I think), and I believe that whenever you say something, you should know the real meaning of it while or before you say it. 

I pledge allegiance… you promise to be loyal

to the Flag… to the symbol of your country

of the United States of America… a nation of 50 states and several territories, each with certain rights of its own

and to the Republic… a country where the people elect representatives from among themselves to make laws for everyone

for which it stands,… the flag represents the values of our form of government, in which everyone is equal under the law

one Nation under God,… a country formed under God whose people are free to believe as they wish

indivisible,… the nation cannot be split into parts

with liberty and justice… with freedom and a system of law

for all… for every person in the nation, regardless of their differences



July 4th Nails!!!

On Tuesday night, I did my friend Abby’s nails, and I got to choose the design so I decided to do them for July 4th! There’s pictures to follow along with so you can do you nails like this if you want to! 😉

ImageGet rid of any nail polish you might have on you nails.ImageNext, paint 4 of your nails red and 1 of them blue, as you see in the picture above. 


Then, on your 4 red nails, paint white stripes like you see in the picture!


Finally, paint white dots on you nails, and I even added sparkle dots in between the white ones. 

And you’re done!!! (don’t forget a top coat!!!) Have a Happy 4th everyone!!!